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Fitness Trainers  
  India      Mumbai       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Opening for fitness trainers.Job Posted date:11.02.2012.
Paediatric Physiotherapist  
  India      Chennai       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Paediatric Physiotherapist on Part time/Full time basis.Job Posted date 11.02.2012.
  India      Chennai       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Physiotherapist to run a clinic on partnership.Job Posted date:11.02.2012.
Physiotherapist -IT Industry  
  India      Bangalore       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Physiotherapist for IT industry.Job Posted date:11.02.2012.
Physiotherapist-IT Industry  
  India      Chennai       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Physiotherapist opening in IT industry.Job Posted date:11.02.2012.
Physiotherapy Jobs Membership  
  India      India / International       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Details of 20 plus Vacancies for Physiotherapists(Government Sector,Private Sector and International vacancies) have been sent as an Email and mobile alert to Physiotherapy Jobs members on 11.02.2012.Become a member of Physiotherapy Jobs to :1.Receive up to date information of Physiotherapy vacancies right in your mobile phone and through email. Only registered members will have the access of full job details of all the Physiotherapy vacancies and the job application guidance. 2.To seek your dream job, for great career progression in the field of Physiotherapy. Physiotherapists who have enrolled with us have been successfully placed in reputable Jobs already.
  Saudi Arabia      Ministry of Health       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Physiotherapist openings for MPT/PhD (Teaching faculty) and for BPT as Clinical Physiotherapist in Ministry of Health.Job Posted date: 09.02.2012.
  India      Ahmedabad       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   3 Physiotherapist openings.Job Posted date: 09.02.2012.
  India      Government Sector       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   Contract basis in Government sector.Job Posted date: 09.02.2012.
  India      Hyderabad/Secunderabad       Job Posted Date :
Job Summary:   2 Physiotherapist openings.Job Posted date: 09.02.2012.
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I am happy that Physiotherapy Jobs has been registered as a proprietorship concern with the Government.I would like to advise all the physiotherapists and students to get membership from our website. After BPT no need to worry about jobs, physiotherapy jobs is continuously sending current vacancies around India and Abroad also professional tips.

Sridhar Arumugam

Thanx sir.This site is very useful to all physios who are searching a good job in this field. You have done really awesome work

Vivek Anand
New Delhi

Physiotherapy jobs is a wonderful portal to keep physiotherapy alive and is very up to date informer.Thanks

Vanshika Sethi

Sir , You are really doing a very good job and I am glad to be a member of physiotherapy Jobs

Sobika Rao

You are doing quite a great work by assisting the PT professionals in getting jobs and also for providing information about MPT admissions & CRE programmes, Workshops which are extremely beneficial

Siddhartha Shankar
West Bengal

Its really nice service for all the physiotherapist because now days more 50% physiotherapist only knows that physiotherapist can get job only in two fields-Clinic/ Hospital or any college.So with the help of Physiotherapy jobs membership we can get more idea about our profession and earn more from physiotherapy field.

Jatin Patel

Its a totally boosters of physiotherapy field.Amazing job,Keep it up

Wasim Raja
New Delhi

The service you have been providing about notification of jobs for Physiotherapist just worth millions.Thank you so much for the service you are providing..May this process of notifiying jobs for the Physiotherapists continues for generations together and provides help as it was being provided so far

Puneet Mehta

Physiotherapy Jobs membership really helps us or me especially, because sometimes I get really fed up about the outcome after physiotherapy, about jobs, salary and all, now I am satisfied that there are lots of jobs with good salary. Really thanks to you and your nice website- physiotherapy Jobs. Thank you Sir

Swati Jain
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